In the late 16th century the very well known sports cricket came in front of the screen. It originated from the side of Southeast England. The Cricket started to make the place in the hearts of the people. They began playing cricket all around. Soon in the 18th century, it became the national sport of England. Moreover, its development globally spread in the 19th and 20th century. Through research, it has been found that the cricket games are the 2nd most popular game in the world. The first one is still football. Now, you would be getting curious to know more about it. Well, it is natural every cricketer would love to know about it.

The Origin Of Cricket

The original of this sport is unknown. There are different opinions of the researchers about it. Some say its creation was done during the Norman times. The children started it who lived in the Weald which is an area dense woodlands. You can search about it. There is also some evidence found about this particular game origin according to which it might be from France. Cricket is now being a game for the adults. But the situation was different few years back. It was only game which was played by the children. It stayed limited to the children for many generations.

The Cricket Spreading Out Of England

Firstly, the cricket came out of England to the North America. It was taken to these areas through the English Colonies. In early 18th century, it moved to the other parts of the world globally. This was the time when people started taking more interest in it. They started playing on the ground at their free time. Well, this was not it. One important thing to know is that even in the global interest. It did not capture the Canada.

The Beginning Of The Cricket At International Level

If the pages of cricket history are turned, then you will see that the 1st international cricket match was held between the USA and Canada. This match was played on the grounds of England. This was a huge success of this game. People felt something special in it. This event gave promotions, and the audience got excited to see such games. Moreover, the England team visited Australia then Australians entered into England for the first time. This was not only beneficial for the cricket players but also for the economy of the countries. It gave rise to the tourism in the countries.

The 21st Century And Cricket

The Cricket is at a peak in this century. There are different kinds of new and technological based training given to the players. They play cricket more efficiently than before. This shows how much attention is given to it. The innovations in this game have won the hearts of millions of people. They play this sport not only at international levels but also at their local places like centuries before.